Transformation Challenge Gain Muscle Burn Fat Personal Training

Robert Patzner

Awesome training and nutrition guidance by Dan Edward for me to take it to the next level. I want to compete and after just 3 weeks taking in the perfect calculated Marcos, I can see some changes happen.

Men Personal Training Miami

Kevin Baron

I have trained with DREAMTraining for almost 3 years. As you can see, it was the best decision of my fitness life. They taught me how to not diet, but make lifestyle changes that have me in the best shape[...]
90-Day Transformation Plan Muscle & Fitness Female Weight Loss

Elke Deare

Dream training has not only changed my body, but also ny lifestyle. I look forward to working out and continue to be challenged every day. I am to blessed to be surrounded by such amazing trainers and friends.

Fitness transformation 90 day weight challenge diet plans

Brent Bradshaw

DREAMTraining completely changed my life. They helped me achieve fitness goals I never could of imagined. Through their diet plan and workout regiment they had me on, I was able to lose a significant amount of fat and I finally[...]
Straight & Conditioning Training Personal Trainer NPC Pro Dan Edward

Dave Gomez MMA Pro and Muay Thai Fighter

Ive been training with Dan for over 15 years. Without a doubt hes been one of my heroes for a very long time. NO ONE has his passion or work ethic, either as a competitor or a trainer, father or[...]

Before & After Fitness Challenge Tara Harrison Dream Training MIami

Tara Harrison

After a long off season, I decided to go back and compete at Master's Nationals where I qualified in 2014. Now, I would be faced with "who" to coach me as I began my 2015 season. Shellie and I trained[...]
IFBB Pro Shandy Ortiz Bikini Competition training diet plans bikini posting MIami

IFBB Pro Shandy Ortiz

I met these two at the Nationals show where I won my pro card. They were kind enough to give a friend and I a ride from the airport and in just one hour with them I knew they were[...]

Yani Pupo Bikini Competition Coaching and Training NPC & IFBB Training

Yani Pupo

I found Dan through a mutal friend who was my trainer at the time. I had a goal for years to just step on stage and compete. Dan not only convinced me we would get on stage and be the[...]