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Elke de Ara

IFBB Pro Alexa Hotaling

IFBB Pro Alexa Hotaling

I've trained with both Shellie and Dan and experienced some awesome, unique workouts! They are knowledgeable and continue to show how passionate they are about the sport and motivating people to perform to be their best self. They make a[...]

90 day fitness transformation

Bryan Bradshaw

There is no one in this world that is more inspiring, and hardworking as him. He doesn't complain, and there is no room in his heart for quitters. He will help you reach any of your fitness goals so you[...]
Head Coach Javil Byron WMB BJJ Competition Team

Head Coach Javil Byron WMB BJJ Competition Team

Finally a place that we can take our world class athletes!!! At Miami WMB we train and develop world class athletes for combat specific sports. We have long wanted a training regimen partner for nutrition, conditioning, strength and speed. After[...]

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