Tara Harrison

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After a long off season, I decided to go back and compete at Master’s Nationals where I qualified in 2014. Now, I would be faced with “who” to coach me as I began my 2015 season. Shellie and I trained under the same team and or coaches a few yrs back. I have watched Shellie evolve her own physique into that of more than just an average competitor. Clearly, she evolved and developed a super hero body. So, as her and Dan did a recent photo shoot and began to advertise their business….I inquired. First, both Shellie & Dan are in constant communication with them about diet, cardio and training. It is customized to YOUR needs and YOUR body based on what your goals are. I know if you are like me, you have heard that before. Seriously, I have been super impressed. The fact is that I have had some elite coaches and been a part of elite teams. If you are looking for an elite team BUT need customization to your schedule and your body, then STOP! You will find with Dream Training that the workouts are incredibly difficult. By far some of the most difficult training I have done. Keep in mind, I was use to multiple and long cardio as well as 6 day training. My workouts are never the same and my diet is delicious. The support you get is truly 1 on 1. If you aren’t in contact with Shellie, you are speaking to her other half, Dan. I can only say that don’t overlook this team. Watch these 2! They are bringing Training to a whole different level. And, if you watch people, they themselves are a testament to their team. Just when you think you can’t see a more complete package, look for a transformation from Dream Training. Thank you to both Shellie & Dan for having me be a part of your team!