Yani Pupo

Yani Pupo Bikini Competition Coaching and Training NPC & IFBB Training

I found Dan through a mutal friend who was my trainer at the time. I had a goal for years to just step on stage and compete. Dan not only convinced me we would get on stage and be the best I could be, but he taught me to believe in myself and pushed me beyond all the limits anyone could ever set on themselves. My first show was a national qualifer and at 39 and a mother of two just feeling I belonged on stage was my goal. He wouldnt listen to such talk. With the help of Shellie splitting my training and her being the most passionate posing coach in the industry, I can home with 5 first place trophies including the bikini open OVERALL champion!! Having learned under the best who themselves have learned from the best I am now part of the DREAMTEAM Personal Training staff and I am living my DREAM changing lives with health and fitness.