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Why I often add bands to my free weight workouts

The difference between bands and free weights is the type of resistance each has. When lifting weights, gravity plays a big part. You get more resistance during one part of the movement (lifting against gravity), but then gravity makes lowering the weight easier. The fact that band resistance does not rely on gravity is that […]

What should you eat before bed for maximum muscle gains?

Your body is primed to build muscle two times a day—right after your workout and during deep sleep. With the right meal or supplement before bed, you can get stronger while you doze. Your body releases its biggest surge of growth hormone during REM sleep. If you have ample amounts of protein in your system, […]

Make sure you know how to peel your avocado!

The method you use to peel an avocado might make a difference to your health. Research on avocado shows that the greatest phytonutrient concentrations occur in portions of the food that we do not typically eat, namely, the peel and the seed (or “pit.”) The pulp of the avocado is actually much lower in phytonutrients […]

Olive Oil vs. Grape Seed Oil

Olive oil and grape seed oil are both widely available cooking oils from plants. Nutritionally, they are both considered “good” oils as they are high in unsaturated fat, low in saturated fat and cholesterol-free. They are very similar in terms of nutritional value. When choosing between the two types of oil to use for various […]