Dan Edward IFBB PRO

CPR/BLS Certified and Insured
Lock and Load Certified Instructor

IG: @DREAMTraining_Miami

Over the last 20 years I have learned from and trained with IFBB Pros, several who have been on the Olympia stage, World Champion boxers and their trainers, Muay Thai world champions, BJJ World Champs, UFC and Strikeforce fighters and trainers, and Olympic gold medal athletes. My experience with weight training includes NFL and NBA strength and conditioning coaches, University of Miami Strength and Conditioning coaches, and Olympic powerlifters. I have also been a part of several research studies with noted surgeons and fitness guru’s. Many of these studies I personally participated in and have lead us to a better understanding of athletes and benefits of weight training. I have also helped design the Lock and Load belts which are being used by 8X Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman, Lebron James and Jon Jones just to name a few.

In 2013, after several years of thinking about competing in a physique competition, I finally decided to do it. My first show was at 41 years old at the Southern States, a Level V show– not your typical starting point for a first time competitor! Instead of competing in my 40+ age group, I entered the open age group and took 4th place overall! This also qualified me to compete at the National level. I worked with several friends who were IFBB Pros and helped me bring an amazing package to the 2013 North Americans and placed 5th! I also competed in the 2014 Arnold Sports Festival, the second largest show of the year next to the Olympia. In July 2016 I earned my IFBB Pro card at the Pittsburgh Nationals. I have come to realize competing is not my passion but coaching other competitors to get on stage is. I get much more enjoyment helping others win shows and become pro’s than I do competing myself.

So after years of coaching athletes, in 2014 my wife Shellie, also an IFBB Pro, and I started our personal training company DREAMTraining and developed a hybrid fitness program for strength and conditioning for athletes that incorporates Olympic lifting, high intensity interval training, kickboxing, MMA, and unconventional methodology all into one. Our programs are designed to create the best you; your results are our obsession. Our client’s results speak for themselves as can be seen on the DREAMTraining testimonial page.
For our competition team, we strayed away from the typical cookie cutter plans that many coaches use for all competitors. We pride ourselves on learning every competitor by defining their strengths and capitalizing on them and finding their weaknesses and eliminating them. We continue to grow with over 20+ competitors helping them all reach their goals and improving every show.

Hobbies and Interests:

Snow skiing
Avid MMA fan
National NPC Figure competitor
Sports enthusiast, training in boxing and Muay Thai
Love the Miami culture, nightlife and South Beach
Spending time with our family


ERCP, Personal Training
NCCP Personal Trainers
ERCP, Sports Nutrition
High Intensity
Repetition Training (HIRT) Certified Instructor
Lock and Load Certified Trainer
CPR/BLS Certified

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